Il 5 Agosto arriverà nei negozi il primo live album dei Sabaton “World War Live: Battle Of The Baltic Sea”:


Battle Of The Baltic Sea (Live At Sabatoncruise, Dec. 2010):

‘The March To War’ (Intro)
‘Ghost Division’
‘Aces In Exile’
‘Cliffs Of Gallipoli’
‘White Death’
‘Swedish Pagans’
‘The Art Of War’
‘Attero Dominatus’
‘The Price Of A Mile’
‘Primo Victoria’
‘Metal Medley’
‘Dead Soliders Waltz’ (Outro)

CD2 (Bonus CD):
World War Tour Live (Recorded during World War Tour 2010):

‘Screaming Eagles’
‘Coat Of Arms’
‘Into The Fire’
‘Final Solution’
‘Back In Control’
‘Panzer Battalion’
‘Rise Of Evil’

DVD (Bonus DVD):
– Sabaton live 2008 at Rockstad Falun
– ‘Coat Of Arms’ (video clip)
– ‘Uprising’ (video clip)
– ‘Screaming Eagles’ (video clip)

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