Ecco alcuni video estratti dall’ultimo dvd dei Rush “Time Machine 2011” che gia’ potete trovare in qualsiasi negozio di musica.





Time Machine 2011: Live In Cleveland

Set One:
The ‘Real’ History Of Rush Episode No. 2 – Don’t Be Rash
‘The Spirit of Radio’
‘Time Stand Still’
‘Stick It Out’
‘Workin’ Them Angels’
‘Leave That Thing Alone’
‘Free Will’

Set Two:
The ‘Real’ History of Rush Episode No. 1
‘Tom Sawyer’
‘Red Barchetta’
‘The Camera Eye’
‘Witch Hunt’
‘Vital Signs’
‘Moto Perpetuo’ (featuring ‘Love For Sale’)
‘O’Malley’s Break’
‘Closer To The Heart’
‘2112 Overture/The Temples of Syrinx’
‘Far Cry’

‘La Villa Strangiato’
‘Working Man’

Bonus Material:
– Outtakes from History of Rush, Episode 2 & 17
– ‘Tom Sawyer’ featuring the cast of History of Rush, Episode 17
– ‘Need Some Love’ Live from Laura Secord Secondary School
– ‘Anthem’ Live from Passaic New Jersey



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