Brazilian metallers ANGRA will eventually have to “find a substitute” for their guitarist Kiko Loureiro (pictured), who was recently named the new axeman in MEGADETH.

Asked by Revolver magazine how ANGRA is dealing with Kiko‘s new gig and whether Loureiro will remain a permanent member of ANGRA, the band’s guitarist and co-founder Rafael Bittencourt said: “As a brother-in-life and friend, we’re proud of/for [Kiko]. I think he’s worked his way into something bigger from the beginning. He deserves it. He earned it with his hard work.”

He continued: “At this moment, [Kiko] is managing to finish the ‘Secret Garden’ world tour with us, coupled with the first touring with MEGADETH. Soon, that won’t be possible, so he will be taking MEGADETH as a priority, most probably as his exclusive band. So, since we won’t be able to count on having him with us very soon, the solution will be to find a substitute for him.”

In a recent interview with Jump Metal, Loureiro was asked what it has been like joining MEGADETH as the replacement for Chris Broderick. He responded: “Yeah, it has been great to work with [Dave] Mustaine [MEGADETH mainman], [David] Ellefson [MEGADETH bassist] and Chris Adler [LAMB OF GOD drummer, who played on the upcoming MEGADETH CD and is playing select shows with the group]. I recorded the [new MEGADETH] album and now I’m learning the new songs… Sorry… I’m learning new songs for me, but the old [MEGADETH] songs for the show we’re gonna have in ten days [on July 18] in Quebec at the summer festival [at the Festival D’été De Québec, also known as by its acronym FEQ, or Quebec City Summer Festival in English], and then we’re gonna have some touring this year. So I’m learning the old stuff, the previous material as well.”

He continued: “It’s quite challenging… [doing the] double shift, double work with ANGRA and [MEGADETH]… I just came from a tour with ANGRA and I have to go straight to learn the [MEGADETH] songs. During the [ANGRA] tour, I was already listening and trying to learn the old material from MEGADETH.”

Kiko added: “It’s amazing [to be part of MEGADETH]. It’s a great opportunity, it’s a great band, great guys, great music. I’m very honored to be in MEGADETH and that the guys have chosen me to be the guitar player. It’s a band that always had a great spot for guitar players. They always had great guitar players since the beginning: Chris Poland, Marty Friedman, Chris Broderick… some great guitar players. So I’m honored to be part of this legacy.”

Mustaine told Revolver about Loureiro: “Finding Kiko was really a mind-blower. It was the first time since Marty Friedman joined the band that I was really intimidated as a player. He’s such an amazing talent, and he’s been coming in with all of these fresh ideas.” Mustaine has also called Loureiro the “best guitarist we’ve ever had,” adding that he was a good fit personality wise. “Chris [Broderick] and I had a good chemistry, but we weren’t really as close as I would have wanted us to be,” Mustaine explained. “Kiko, I feel like I’ve known him for years.”

ANGRA‘s latest album, “Secret Garden”, was released on January 16 via earMUSIC. The CD, which was pre-produced by Roy Z (JUDAS PRIEST, BRUCE DICKINSON, HALFORD) and recorded and produced in Sweden by Jens Bogren (KREATOR, ARCH ENEMY, OPETH, DRAGONFORCE), was the band’s first to feature Italian vocalist Fabio Lione following the 2012 departure of Eduardo “Edu” Falaschi.