Portuguese metallers MOONSPELL will release their new album, “Extinct”, in March via Napalm Records. The CD was completed at Fascination Street Studio in Örebro, Sweden with producer Jens Bogren, who has previously worked with KATATONIA, AMON AMARTH, OPETH and PARADISE LOST, among others.

The “Extinct” title track can now be streamed using the SoundCloud widget below.

Asked how working with Bogren changed the sound dynamic for MOONSPELL, the band’s lead singer, Fernando Ribeiro, told Decibel: “Jens was a key element to the whole process and not only the final result. When I wrote him, it seemed that some dark stars have aligned for us, because he was dead serious in making an album with such characteristics, as it was way closer to his heart as a music fan. Come on, his studio is called Fascination Street. So when he heard the demos, the things in the rough, he jumped head first into the project.”

He continued: “We were looking for someone who had a strong personality (we did a little checking with our pals in AMON AMARTH and KREATOR), that he was intense with his ideas and defending them and I started liking him already, because I know my band and I know myself and we do need the right dose of discipline and criticism to make it work. Jens had that but he also knew how to show confidence in the right moments. That human factor was pretty important and decisive in many crossroads. Other than that, him and his team (David Castillo was tracking guitars and bass) are true pros and actually enjoyed the surprise of dealing with a band and an album that was more particular and with people that were more open about expressing their feelings on the album. He was a true producer, getting involved to a depth that no one did before him and he was a generous guy with his time, ideas, even putting up with the whole gang living in the studio, cooking, sweating, being in the way. He knew that we didn’t want to sound like a Swedish death metal machine. He knew we wanted to be powerful in a romantic way, so to say. And he hit bull’s-eye, we really did get what we were looking for and our music has never sounded more honest, more alive.”

The cover artwork for the mediabook edition of “Extinct” was designed by Seth Siro Anton and can be seen below. MOONSPELL states: “This edition will be a two-disc edition, containing the full album, plus bonus songs remixed by our very own Pedro Paixão and a full documentary named ‘Road To Extinction’ which contains not only the making of of the album but as well some scientific context about ‘Extinct’. A great piece that see you into the MOONSPELL studio and life!”

According to a press release, “Extinct” is “all but a musical and emotional manifesto. It puts the D of darkness back into dark metal. It’s a true lesson for the new generations of goth metal about how it’s played and felt with body and soul; a lesson taught by no others than our Portuguese gentlemen wolves.”

“Extinct” will be made available as a mediabook, jewel case, special limited deluxe edition and LP.

“Extinct” will feature the following songs:

* “Until We Are No More (Breathe)”
* “Medusalem”
* “Funeral Bloom”
* “Domina”
* “La Baphomette”
* “The Last Of Us”
* “A Dying Breed”
* “Malignia”
* “Extinct”
* “The Future Is Dark”


Fonte: Blabbermouth.net