While appearing on the red carpet at the November 3 benefit concert and live auction for Rhonda’s Kiss in Los Angeles, JANE’S ADDICTION guitarist Dave Navarro was asked by Artisan News if there are any plans for the band to record a new studio album. He said: “We’re on tour right now, so it’s hard to say. Between shooting [tattoo reality show] ‘Ink Master’ and… I have a documentary film coming out right now called ‘Mourning Son’. It’s coming out December 1. And doing events like this, and being on tour with JANE’S ADDICTION, it’s kind of hard to schedule, but, you know, my hope is that we would always be recording.”

JANE’S ADDICTION, which has broken up and reunited several times since forming in 1985, released its fourth studio album, “The Great Escape Artist”, in 2011 and a concert album/DVD called “Live In NYC” in 2013.

JANE’S ADDICTION has been touring to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its 1990 album “Ritual De Lo Habitual”. The band is performing the album in it entirety on the trek.

Navarro is at the center of a new documentary called “Mourning Son”, which focuses on the true story of what happened to Navarro‘s mother and the repercussions of her death. The film was written by Navarro and director Todd Newman, and was produced by Navarro, Newman and Larissa Swan. The film will be released via VOD on December 1.

The film is described as a “heartbreaking, inspirational journey” in which Navarro “confronts the events that changed his life forever.”

Fonte: Blabbermouth.net