NIGHTWISH Team Up With Finland's Largest Largest Jewelry Manufacturer For Signature Collection

Since the spring of 2015, Nightwish’s lead singer Floor Jansen has lent her face to Kalevala Koru jewelry. Now the collaboration is being taken one step further with the launch of the jewelry collection Evolution Series by Nightwish, created together with the band. 

“In spring, Floor Jansen became the wonderful face of our jewelry and now the cooperation is expanding into the Nightwish collection. At Kalevala Koru, we are really happy about this connection. It gives us international visibility with the world’s best known Finnish band,” says CEO Riitta Huuhtanen from Kalevala Jewelry.

The new jewelry collection accompanies the theme of the rich diversity of life – as on Nightwish’s album Endless Forms Most Beautiful. It is something that the band’s founder, musician Tuomas Holopainen, emphasizes in the collaboration.

“From the start, it was important for the band that when we start to create a jewelry collection it should in some way reflect the theme of our new album. The message on the album is associated with the endless variety of all living things on our planet: we are one, made out of the same DNA, of the same matter. It’s an extremely beautiful and humbling fact, which we wish to bring out in the album. The same theme is also present in the new jewelry collection.”

CEO Riitta Huuhtanen from Kalevala Jewelry is confident that the new collection will be a success. 

“Nightwish is a well-known and popular band, both in Finland and internationally. We are looking forward to see how the fans and the general public will receive the collection.

The Evolution Series by Nightwish collection includes two different silver pendants and a bracelet. The larger pendant has been inspired by the form of the fossil of the ancient marine animal, the ammonite. The smaller pendant echoes the spiral form of DNA.

Launched to shops in mid-October, pre-sale of the jewelry collection started in the official Nightwish shop here on August 18th, and in Kalevala Jewelry´s online store on September 1. The jewelry collection will also be sold on the Nightwish European tour.

For additional information contact:

Kalevala Koru Oy/Petra Nikkinen
Tel: +358 (0)40 521 7772

Kalevala Koru Oy is the largest jewelry manufacturer in Finland.  All Kalevala Jewelry products are manufactured in Finland. The extensive collection includes both timeless classics and modern designers’ interpretations.

Right before the European leg of the Endless Forms Most Beautiful tour kicks off, Nightwish announce the release of a strictly limited (no re-prints!), special tour edition of their current record, coming with a bonus DVD, out on October 30th via Nuclear Blast. The DVD contains all 21 making-of episodes, which came along before, during and after the album release. Besides those, the DVD includes two new, unreleased live clips for “Yours Is An Empty Hope” and “Stargazers” as well as five special clips incl. documentary scenes for the songs “Planet Hell”, “Last Of The Wilds”, “Storytime”, “Arabesque” and “Last Ride Of The Day”. On top, there will be a huge photo gallery with more than 400 pictures, taken on the road and during the promotional period of Endless Forms Most Beautiful.

Watch the final, 21st episode “Troy”:

Endless Forms Most Beautiful tour edition tracklist:

“Shudder Before The Beautiful”
“Weak Fantasy”
“Yours Is An Empty Hope”
“Our Decades In the Sun”
“My Walden”
“Endless Forms Most Beautiful”
“Edema Ruh”
“The Eyes Of Sharbat Gula”
“The Greatest Show On Earth”

“Yours Is An Empty Hope” (live)*
“Stargazers” (live)*
‘Planet Hell” (special clip)
“Last Of The Wilds” (special clip)
“Storytime” (special clip)
“Arabesque” (special clip)
“Last Ride Of The Day” (special clip)
– The Cabin
– By The Lake
– Inside His Head
– Summer Camp
– More Campers
– New Hometown
– Almost There
– London
– Mixing And Mastering
– Ready!
– Release Of The First Single
– The Theme Of The Album
– The Recordings For Floor & Kai
– Thoughts And Feelings
– The Release
– The Artwork
– The Tour Rehearsals
– The Tour Starts
– The Second Single
– The Upcoming Shows
– Troy
“Élan” (official video)
“Endless Forms Most Beautiful” (official video)

Photo gallery
*Previously unreleased, 5.1 Dolby digital & stereo

In November, Nightwish hits the road on the Endless Forms Most Beautiful Tour 2015 with Arch Enemy and Amorphis as support. For more details/dates visit