The world’s loudest band continue celebrating 40 years on the road by crafting a new beer: Motörhead Imperial Pale Lager.

Having crafted the gleeful punishment of eardrums worldwide, MOTÖRHEAD, the world’s loudest band, is also moving into the craft beer movement. Like MOTÖRHEAD‘s music, craft-brewers don’t do half-measured weak-kneed bullshit, and so alongside Swedish brewmaster (and headbanger) Patrick Holmqvist at Nils Oscar Brewery, the band has produced a skull-crushing, ground-breaking imperial lager. Proudly carrying a huge hop-infused character way beyond your everyday beer, Motörhead Imperial Pale Lager is more than a kick-ass craft beer, it is synergy.

Mikkey Dee, legendary drummer of MOTÖRHEAD, says: “We’ve released a few drinks now, and for every one, we want to push the limits further. With Motörhead Imperial Pale Lager, we pulled all the stops, and this is craft beer at its best. We love the approach of Patrick and his crew at Nils Oscar, and we know our fans will love this great beer as much as we do.”

Patrick Holmqvist, master brewer at Nils Oscar Brewery in Nyköping, says: “MOTÖRHEAD are a huge part of my childhood, so needless to say I jumped at the opportunity to brew with this iconic band. From my first show at Saga in Copenhagen on April 3rd, 1986, I instantly connected with the sound, the attitude and their complete refusal to compromise. I took all that with me to the brewery, and for me, the beer absolutely reflects those things.”

He adds: “I remember watching an interview with Lemmy on TV, and he was asked to describe his style of playing. ‘Turn it up very loud, and hit it very hard.’ That’s exactly what we did with this beer.”

Motörhead Imperial Pale Lager will be released at Systembolaget in Sweden on November 2 and retails at 29,90 SEK.

The “Imperial” indicates that it is an amplified version of the original beer style. Generously hopped with Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial and Simcoe hops, it pulls toward an American take of the lager-beer. While being a fruity lager with a huge hop character, it still has a highdrinkability. Not only a huge lager, it also showcases the great brewing skills of Patrick Holmqvist and the Nils Oscar Brewery.