Lita Ford, a former member of the pioneering ’70s all-female rock band THE RUNAWAYS, was asked by Guitars Exchange if she now has any new perspective on why the band broke up. She responded: “We weren’t happy with what we were doing. We weren’t a team. Joan [Jett] and Cherie [Currie] were very much a team and Joan and I tried but we really didn’t click musically. I wanted to play heavy metal and Joan wanted to play… Well, her first hit was ‘I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll’, which was very pop rock and it took off and did great; whereas I released ‘Out For Blood’. We were going in different musical directions.”

Ford also addressed the inevitable question of a possible RUNAWAYS reunion, saying: “Cherie and I tried to get Joan to work with us. We had dinner, we called her and we sent her e-mails, but we never really never got any response. I think most likely it was her manager who didn´t want her to do it.”

Lita added that she would take part in a RUNAWAYS reunion “in a heartbeat. I’d love to do it,” she said. “We miss Joan.”

Currie told the “White Line Fever” podcast last year that RUNAWAYS came close to reunining more than two decades ago. “Lita had reached out to us to convince us, me and Joan, to do a RUNAWAYS reunion. And we did, with Kenny Laguna [Jett‘s manager, co-producer and co-songwriter for the past three and a half decades] basically at the helm, he secured a tour and Lita, she just basically doesn’t get along with Kenny and she just walked away from that.”

In a 2015 interview with with the WHMH (Rockin’ 101) radio station, Lita explained that she decided against a possible RUNAWAYS reunion in the early ’90s because “NIRVANA was just kicking in, and it was really bad timing; it wouldn’t have worked. People would have just turned their nose up at it.”

A movie about THE RUNAWAYS‘ brief history, starring Dakota Fanning as Currie and Kristin Stewart as Jett, came out in 2010.