During DISTURBED‘s October 18 concert Midland, Texas, a woman in the audience tossed her sizable bra on stage. “Jesus Christ, is that from you?” DISTURBED singer David Draiman asked an audience member after picking up the bra (see video below). “Ladies and gentlemen, just scope this over-the-shoulder boulder holder over here! I had to stop for a second, ’cause this is just crazy. Thank you. This is wonderful. I’m gonna go ahead and sterilize this and put this in the back.”

He continued: “Now, I want you to know, this woman’s boobs are so big, she could solve world hunger. It’s fucking ridiculous.

“There are children here — probably hungry children — so why don’t you put yourself to good use?

“Ladies and gentlemen, if your children are hungry after the show, please see this young woman up here in the front.”

Later on during the show, Draiman thanked the woman by handing her a t-shirt.

Draiman recently apologized to the fan whom he called out for texting during the band’s show in Dallas in March. He said: “That whole thing, it was meant to be funny. What is your job as the frontman? To find the one person in the crowd… Like he said in ‘Almost Famous’, and it was kind of like a joke in the movie: ‘I find that one person in the crowd that isn’t getting off, and I get them off.’ That’s the idea. And so I saw one person that seemed detached. And I wasn’t trying to do it to make her feel horrible. I was trying to pull her in. It was meant to be funny. I did it jokingly and laughingly, and her husband was sitting there laughing while it was going on. Obviously, he wasn’t laughing afterwards. And I had no idea what she had going on; I had no clue. And you know what? In the age of social media and the Internet, things get really, really hot and heavy really quickly.”

He continued: “I still feel terrible, that if that’s what she was going through, and I made that worse for her, I feel horrible about it. And I don’t ever want to make any fan of ours feel unwelcome or estranged in any way. It was more to, like I said, try and pull her in than push her away. And, unfortunately, it ended up pushing her away. And that’s something that — to be perfectly, perfectly honest — I deeply regret.”

The woman, Shannon Pardue, told the Dallas Observer that she was texting her 14-year-old daughter to calm her down as a hailstorm raged outside their house in a Fort Worth suburb.

Pardue said she tried to shout to Draiman that she was texting her kids, but he couldn’t hear her. After video of the incident went viral, Draiman first said online that she was “not a fan,” but later apologized.

Fonte: Blabbermouth.net