Di seguito il videoclip ufficiale di Nothing Shall Remain, brano dei power metallers tedeschi Circle Of Silence tratto dall’album “The Rise Of Resistance” (Massacre Records, 2013). Il video è stato diretto da Matthias Bitsch e prodotto da Popbüro Heilbronn-Franken.

“The Rise Of Resistance”:

  1. Blood Of Enemies
  2. Eyes Of Anarchy
  3. Nothing Shall Remain
  4. One Moment Of Hate
  5. An Oncoming Storm
  6. Mind Conspiracy
  7. In The Absence Of Your God
  8. We Rise
  9. The Final Chapter
  10. Slave To The Greed Machine
  11. Reborn From Darkness
  12. The Architect Of Immortality

Cirlce Of Silence album

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