GODSMACK frontman Sully Erna spoke to SiriusXM‘s “Trunk Nation” about the band’s career-first achievement of landing three No. 1 singles from the same album, “When Legends Rise”. The group’s latest track, “Under Your Scars”, topped the rock radio chart this past week, joining previous chart-toppers “Bulletproof” and the title cut. “Bulletproof” was also the most-played song at rock radio in 2018.

Asked if he has noticed a change in the audience size as a result of the new LP’s radio success, Erna said: “We’re definitely seeing a change in the attendance, and we’re seeing a new audience as well, which is kind of nice for us, because we made a conscious decision to change this record up and just create something a little bit different than what we’ve been known to write in the past. And I think that’s now reflecting on our audience, our sales, the attendance, who’s showing up. We’re seeing a lot more females at the shows; we’re seeing a lot younger kids at the shows. Their parents are bringing in this new generation that are learning about GODSMACK through their parents, ’cause these same people that were 25 years old that were GODSMACK fans in ’98 are now 50 and they have an 18-year-old of their own, and that kind of thing. So it’s really cool. And we welcome that, because we feel like the first 20 years of our career was really a different timeline for us. It was just a different period. I was a lot younger; we were all younger; I was angrier; there was more things that I was figuring out in life; and now we’re on the other side of it. And this album, really, is kind of a new door that’s opening for us to kind of start a new chapter in our career.”

Erna told The Pulse Of Radio a while back that GODSMACK stays on top by constantly experimenting musically. “We have to grow and we have to expand and we have to try new things, you know,” he said. “I mean, you can’t find the magic unless you experiment and explore new ideas. But there are some people that are just like, you know, in that thing where they want us to sound like the ‘Awake’ record every single record, and I just can’t do it.”

GODSMACK is currently headlining a run of North American shows that stops on Tuesday night (July 23) in New York City. Next up is a stretch of festival appearances leading straight into a fall tour with HALESTORM supporting.

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