August 16, 2016, 41 minutes ago

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GORY BLISTER Guitarist RAFF SANGIORGIO Performs “Magic River” Track From Rebirth Album; Guitar Video Streaming

Rebirth is the first solo-album ever by Raff Sangiorgio. Guitarist of the long-running death metal band Gory Blister, with whom he wrote and published five full-length albums, Raff Sangiorgio debuts with a new one, for the first time as a soloist. The album is out now Sliptrick Records.

Sangiorgio performs the album track “Magic River” in the new video streaming below:

In this previously posted clip, Sangiorgio performs the album track “Quick Trigger”:

It is a one-man studio project, focusing on instrumental metal-rock songs with blues influences, in which Raff Sangiorgio wrote, produced, arranged and performed every single instrument, with particular focus, on the guitar work. This new album consists of nine original songs.


“Quick Trigger”
“Lil Chuck Blues”
“Back To Glory”
“Glaring Soul”
“Cosmic Seed”
“Magic River”
“Fragile Existence”
“Voices From The Sea”

“Back To Glory”:

“Quick Trigger”: