I Threshold sono entrati nei Thin Ice Studios per registrare il loro nono disco, l’uscita è prevista per il 2012. Di seguito il comunicato completo:

British progressive metallers THRESHOLD are currently at Thin Ice Studios(DRAGONFORCEPENDRAGON) in Surrey, England to record their ninth studio album.

The band have finished pre-production and are now tracking drums. “We’ve got about 75 minutes of music at the moment so there’s plenty to do” said keyboard player Richard West, who is producing the album alongside guitarist Karl Groom. “I’m very pleased with the way this album is coming together” commented Groom. “It is particularly good to see contributions in writing from more band members”.

The new album sees the return of original THRESHOLD vocalist Damian Wilson(HEADSPACESTAR ONE) who rejoined the band in 2007 following the departure ofAndrew ‘Mac’ McDermott who sadly passed away on 3 August.

THRESHOLD‘s previous studio album “Dead Reckoning” was released in 2007 and featured guest vocals by Dan Swanö (NIGHTINGALEBLOODBATH). The album entered the charts at position 64 in Germany, 95 in The Netherlands and 37 in the UK rock chart.

THRESHOLD will release their new album through Nuclear Blast Records in 2012.