Ecco i samples del nuovo album dei Sinister. L’album in uscita per il 28 Settembre porta il titolo di “The Carnage Ending”.

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“The Carnage Ending” :

01. Gates Of Bloodshed (Intro)
02. Unheavenly Domain
03. Transylvania (City Of The Damned)
04. My Casual Enemy
05. Crown Of Thorns
06. The Carnage Ending
07. Oath Of Rebirth
08. Regarding The Imagery
09. Blood Ecstacy
10. Defamatory Content
11. Final Destroyer

digipack version :

* Spit On Your Grave (WHIPLASH)
* Succubus (MASSACRE)
* Swing Of The Axe (POSSESSED)
* Dethroned Emperor (CELTIC FROST)
* Face Fate (BLOODFEAST)




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