Si intitolerà “Shadowmaker” il disco di ritorno dei Running Wild ad Aprile 2011, a sorpresa il comunicato del Capitano Rock’n’Rolf:

It’s finally official: RUNNING WILD are back! To the delight of his countless fans, Captain Rock’n’Rolf has announced the release of the new album, “Shadowmaker”, seven years after RUNNING WILDs last studio album, “Rogues En Vogue”. “My comments in spring 2009 about the demise of RUNNING WILD were absolutely serious at the time. I really needed time out and, to be honest, couldn’t imagine even in January 2011 that I would ever feel like recording a new album again.”, says Rolf. “But when I had the inspiration for a best-of album, to which I wanted to contribute four new numbers, I rediscovered how much I enjoy composing. From then on it was only a small step to record a full new studio album.”

Rock’n’Rolf has written ten new tracks for “Shadowmaker”, among them are the midtempo opener “Piece Of The Action”, the uptempo number “Shadowmaker” (roughly the same pace as “Angel Of Mercy”) and the monumental eight-minute track “Dracula”, based on Bram Stoker’s novel and the Christopher Lee movies. “To me, “Shadowmaker” is a very special album because there was no pressure, timewise or otherwise. I feel it’s clearly audible that this relaxed attitude helped me to write one of the strongest RUNNING WILD recordings of all time.”

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