SLIPKNOT frontman Corey Taylor says that he is “okay” after taking a hard fall during the band’s concert in Georgia.

SLIPKNOT played the second show of its tour with MARILYN MANSON Wednesday night (June 29) at Lakewood Amphitheatre in Atlanta. The concert once again saw Taylor performing with a neck brace after undergoing surgery earlier in the month.

One fan who attended the Atlanta show reported that Corey “took a hard fall” at the end of the set and “couldn’t walk when they picked him up.” Another concert attendee said that Taylor “had to be supported out” at the conclusion of the gig. A third fan told BLABBERMOUTH.NET in an e-mail: “I was front row and after the final song, after the usual thanking and waving to the crowd, Corey Taylor collapsed on stage and had to be carried off by the stage crew. As I was leaving, EMTs were rushing backstage. Throughout the show he was clearly in pain from his neck but still clearly gave it all he could. The neck pain/previous injury plus the 95º Atlanta heat and his fully-covering outfit=a downed frontman. He was shaking and looked to not be in a good way as they pulled him off.”

A short time later, the SLIPKNOT singer took to Twitter to reassure fans that he was not seriously injured and that the band’s tour will continue as scheduled. He tweeted: “ATL: haha don’t worry, I’m okay! I THINK that fall was one for the ages haha! DAMN it hurt- but DAMN what a crowd! See you again soon! #CMFT”

Taylor was ordered by doctors to refrain from headbanging and jumping when the band kicked off its summer tour Tuesday night (June 28) in Nashville, Tennessee. The group was forced to postpone its North American trek with MARILYN MANSON by three weeks after Taylor underwent what he described as “an unplanned spinal surgery.”

SLIPKNOT played a 17-song set at the Bridgestone Arena, with Taylor telling the crowd: “Let’s address the elephant in the room: I fucking broke my neck. But there was no way I wasn’t coming to Nashville to do this show.”

He later added: “It sure is weird playing with this pillow on my neck.”

Before the show, Taylor tweeted: “First day back. Haven’t smoked in two months. Broken neck, weird scar. Not enough coffee.”

Taylor previously revealed on Twitter that his follow-up appointment with the doctor went “great,” but added that “for now,” there will be “no headbanging” or “jumping” for him for the foreseeable future. He also offered that he expects to be “back to 90 percent” within the next four to six months, and “100 percent” in a year.

The summer trek is likely to be SLIPKNOT‘s last U.S. tour in support of its latest album, “.5: The Gray Chapter”, which was released in October 2014.

Following the tour, SLIPKNOT and BLACK SABBATH will co-headline the combined Ozzfest Meets Knotfest, a two-day festival scheduled for September 24-25 in San Bernardino, California.

ATL: haha don’t worry, I’m okay! I THINK that fall was one for the ages haha! DAMN it hurt- but DAMN what a crowd! See you again soon!#CMFT

— Jalapeno Throat, LLC (@CoreyTaylorRock) June 30, 2016

At the end of the show tonight corey taylor fell over and had to be supported out. It didn’t look good at all..

— amanda (@z0mbiebrains) June 30, 2016

Corey Taylor from @slipknot took a hard fall at the end of the set tonight in Atlanta. Couldn’t walk when they picked him up.

— Chris B (@THECLB803) June 30, 2016



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