Star-studded noise-mongers FANTÔMAS — who feature in their ranks FAITH NO MORE frontman Mike Patton, MELVINS guitarist Buzz Osborne, MR. BUNGLE bassist Trevor Dunn, and ex-SLAYER and current PHILM drummer Dave Lombardo — will perform at the Gaslamp in Long Beach, California on Sunday, July 5.

FANTÔMAS played its first show in many years on December 5, 2014 at Teatro Cariola in Santiago, Chile. The band also performed at the first-ever RockOut festival on December 6, 2014 at Espacio Broadway in Santiago.

Prior to the Santiago shows, FANTÔMAS last played together in 2009 and hadn’t released an album since 2005’s “Suspended Animation”.

In a recent interview, Lombardo stated about FANTÔMAS‘s Santiago shows: “It was amazing. What I love about that band is there is chemistry; we have a really good working relationship and we perform really well together. [I’m] really, really excited about this. I hope there’s more shows. I do have to say, Mike said, ‘More to come,’ so I don’t know if that’s going to be soon or later. I just go along with my life without thinking about it, and when the shows come up, I’m very excited and looking forward to performing them.”

Asked if there was there any talk about working on a new album with FANTÔMAS, Lombardo said: “That’s up to Mike. I don’t know. There’s always a possibility, but right now, there isn’t. He’s got to probably come up with the material. Who knows? We’ll see what happens.”

The brainchild of Patton, “Fantômas” is an anti-hero from a series of pre-WWI French crime novels, sometimes dubbed the “lord of terror.”

“Suspended Animation” came out in June 2005. The effort contained 30 tracks, each titled after a different day in the month of April.

FANTÔMAS‘ three previous releases regaled listeners with a sci-fi homage (“Fantômas”, 1999), a celebration of the best in film composition (“The Director’s Cut”, 2001) and a one-song album (“Delirium Cordia”, 2004).