BAD WOLVES will release their sophomore album in the fall. Fans will get a first taste of the disc when the band drops a new track, “I’ll Be There”, this Friday, July 26. The song will be available for streaming and download on all digital platforms.

BAD WOLVES singer Tommy Vext recently told HardDrive Radio about the making of the band’s new album: “Gutars and bass were tracked in [Las] Vegas with Max Karon, who is one of John‘s [Boecklin, drums] oldest friends, who also works for GHOST. And then we did production and vocals in L.A., at Sparrow Sound studio, with Joseph McQueen, who, his partner is Josh Gilbert from AS I LAY DYING. He did all the vocals on the first BAD WOLVES record. And then John flew to Nashville and did drums with Mark Lewis. So we went to all our favorite places to deal with each instrument accordingly.”

He continued: “You go where the magic is. Everybody has their way. It’s like outsourcing expertise. I’ve never recorded with anybody, over my 20-year career, that does my vocals better than Joseph. And he’s gonna mix the record. And Mark Lewis is a monster at capturing drums. Him and John are really good friends. And Max is so proficient. It just makes everybody’s life easier, the tonality that we were able to get. Just like the band’s music is a concatenation of all these different influences of different genres, the recordings are as well.”

Vext also revealed that BAD WOLVES have recorded another cover, following the band’s massive breakout success last year with its rendition of the 1993 CRANBERRIES classic “Zombie”.

Originally scheduled to feature a guest appearance from late CRANBERRIES frontwoman Dolores O’Riordan, “Zombie” launched shortly after her death in January of 2018 and went on to top the rock radio chart and sell a million copies.

“Zombie” surfaced on BAD WOLVES‘ debut LP, “Disobey”, which came out in May 2018 and has also yielded the follow-up single “Hear Me Now”, featuring Diamante, which reached No. 2 on the rock chart.

Guitarist Doc Coyle recently spoke to Australia’s Loud about the musical direction of the band’s second album. He explained: “It’s diverse. There’s stuff that’s probably heavier, as or more heavy than the last record… And then there’s some really catchy, kind of more mainstream stuff to cover that end of it, and a lot of stuff in the middle.”

BAD WOLVES was formed in 2017, comprised of former members of DEVILDRIVER, GOD FORBID, DIVINE HERESY and IN THIS MOMENT.