January 19, 2016, an hour ago

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TREMONTI’s Mark Tremonti Names TOM MORELLO As One Of His Top Guitarists – “One Of The First Guys To Come Out And Do Something New In Years”

In a new video series from Louder Noise, Tremonti guitarist Mark Tremonti talks about his favorite guitarists of all time. In this edition, he explains his fandom of Tom Morello and tells why a Rage Against The Machine show in Vienna is his favorite concert ever. Tremonti was amazed at the sight of 70,000 people bouncing up and down to “Bulls On Parade” in that Vienna show.

In a previous edition, he explains what makes Slash such a unique player and names his favorite Guns N’ Roses song of all time.

In another edition, Mark explains how Kirk Hammett’s solos on Metallica’s Master Of Puppets made him a life-long fan.

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