THE CIRCLE, the combo consisting of legendary rocker Sammy Hagar alongside Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham and Vic Johnson will release a concert album, “At Your Service”, on May 19 in both digital and physical packages.

Recorded live on tour in 2014, this release documents the blistering performance of a band on fire performing hits from Sammy‘s four decades of rock (MONTROSE, solo, VAN HALEN, THE WABORITAS, CHICKENFOOT) as well as classic tracks from the LED ZEPPELIN catalog.

Available for preorder on iTunes, “At Your Service” will include an instant download of THE CIRCLE‘s version of VAN HALEN‘s “Poundcake”, which can now be streamed using the SoundCloud widget below.

“At Your Service” track listing:

Disc One

01. There’s Only One Way To Rock
02. Rock Candy
03. Good Times Bad Times
04. Poundcake
05. I Can’t Drive 55
06. Mikey Bass Solo
07. When It’s Love
08. Whole Lotta Love
09. Little White Lie
10. When The Levee Breaks

Disc Two

01. Moby Dick/Jason Drum Solo
02. Why Can’t This Be Love
03. Finish What Ya Started
04. Heavy Metal
05. Vic Guitar Solo
06. Best Of Both Worlds
07. Right Now
08. Rock And Roll
09. Dreams

Speaking to Ultimate Classic Rock, Hagar stated about THE CIRCLE: “I think THE CIRCLE is the band that I want to play with right now. It’s the band that I choose to play with over any band. Even CHICKENFOOT is hard, because we only play CHICKENFOOT. So I miss playing ‘When It’s Love’ and ‘Right Now’ and ‘I Can’t Drive 55’ and ‘One Way To Rock’ and ‘Heavy Metal’ and ‘Rock Candy’. I miss doing that, as much as I love CHICKENFOOT.”

He continued: “THE CIRCLE is so satisfying that I don’t even see a reason to make a record. We have so many great hits that we can choose from our catalog, all of those VAN HALEN hits, all of the Sammy solo, all of those MONTROSE hits, CHICKENFOOT hits, LED ZEPPELIN songs — we have that catalog to choose from for our shows, so to make a record would just be kind of a waste of time. I wouldn’t say never, but first I’d like to put together the greatest set list that ever existed in rock ‘n’ roll, and I think we’re pretty close to it right now with the one that we have, but it can even get better. There’s a frikkin’ goldmine to choose from of songs that I’ve written and sang in my life.”

Hagar‘s first-ever acoustic album titled “Lite Roast”, was released on October 14, 2014 via Mailboat Records. Joining Sammy on the CD was Vic Johnson, longtime guitarist of WABORITAS, Hagar‘s backup band, on guitar and vocals.