Uscirà il 23 febbraio 2015 “Return To Forever”, il nuovo studio album degli Scorpions. Di seguito i dettagli. Ricordiamo che la band si esibirà per tre date in Italia.

“Return To Forever”:

  1. Going Out With A Bang
  2. We Built This House
  3. Rock My Car
  4. House Of Cards
  5. All For One
  6. Rock’n’Roll Band
  7. Catch Your Luck And Play
  8. Rollin’ Home
  9. Hard Rockin’ The Place
  10. Eye Of The Storm
  11. The Scratch
  12. Gypsy Life
  13. The World We Used To Know (Deluxe Edition)
  14. Dancing With The Moonlight (Deluxe Edition)
  15. When The Truth Is A Lie (Deluxe Edition)
  16. Who We Are (Deluxe Edition)
  17. Delirious (iTunes exclusive)


  • CD standard: 12 brani e booklet 12pp
  • Limited edition: booklet 24pp + 4 bonustrack
  • LP limited edition: doppio LP (12 brani)
  • 50th Birthday box: Collector Edition Ecolbook (16 brani) più 2CD-Audiobook (con intervista track by track), t-shirt, post-card, EP, chiavetta USB, pass backstage

Scorpions Return to forever

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