Swedish producer and multi-instrumentalist Peter Tägtgren (HYPOCRISY, PAIN) and vocalist Till Lindemann of German industrial metallers RAMMSTEIN are planning on revisiting their LINDEMANN project during RAMMSTEIN‘s next break from touring and recording activities.

LINDEMANN‘s debut album, “Skills In Pills”, was released in June 2015 to mostly positive reviews, with Till describing the project’s sound as “a baby between RAMMSTEIN and PAIN — at least, it’s a mix of RAMMSTEIN vocals and PAIN music.”

In a new interview with Metal Wani, Peter said that there are still plans for LINDEMANN to play live shows in support of “Skills In Pills”. “We think so,” he said (hear audio below). “We just need to respect when RAMMSTEIN is back working now, and we have to wait for the next break, I think, if we can do something. We have ideas for a lot of songs laying around.”

Asked if there will be more music coming from LINDEMANN in the future, Peter said: “Yes. For sure.”

Tägtgren told Kaaos TV about the response to “Skills In Pills”: “It’s been really good. I mean, some people are, ‘Ah, the lyrics are so immature.’ [But] I think it’s funny lyrics. me and Till are immature people. So, you know, we’re just having fun with… He’s discovering the English words; he’s always been writing in German [with RAMMSTEIN]. And now, his crazy ideas and all the English stuff, it’s like plucking the tree, he always tells me, from fruit, because the German tree is already empty for him, he said. So it’s really refreshing for him to do all these things in English. Some [reviews] are more, like, ‘Yeah, immature guys going crazy.’ But, hey, it’s a party album. It’s like, you know, Billy Idol in 2015 on… I don’t know… speed. It’s a party album. We want people to get a good feeling when we do it. It’s great party music, I think. It’s an album that you can get in a mood before you go to a festival, or before you go out to the bar or something, to get a good feeling.”

PAIN‘s new album, “Coming Home”, will be released on September 9 through Nuclear Blast.

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