La Cruz del Sur Music ha stipulato un nuovo contratto con i PHARAOH per la stampa di tre dischi, il primo si intitolerà Bury the Light ed arriverà nei negozi europei il 24 Febbraio 2012: dieci pezzi per un totale di 48 minuti.

Track by track di Matt Johnsen e Chris Black:

1. Leave Me Here To Dream
Chris: Another song about death’s best disguise: sleep.  And the desire for the oblivion of dreams.  And the power of guitar solos.

2. The Wolves
Matt: The funny thing about the 99% is that half of them vote exclusively in favor of the 1%!
Chris: And the other half doesn’t vote at all.  Yet this is a very aggressive song, probably the most aggressive song on the album.

3. Castles in the Sky

Chris: Perhaps the typical Pharaoh nugget, with lots of melodies tightly wound.  Brilliant lyrics by Tim.  They almost make it sound like The Man is out to get you.
Matt: The Man IS out to get you!  Guest solo by Mike Wead.

4. The Year of the Blizzard
Matt: The title is literal.  One year under the snow, with supplies running out.  Jim Dofka solos.
Chris: An epic track that shows more 70s hard rock influence than anything we’ve done before.

5. The Spider’s Thread

Matt: Based on a short story by Ryunosuke Akutagawa.  Buddha gives a sinner a chance to climb out of hell, but he fucks it up.

6. Cry
Matt: Regrets love company.
Chris: It’s true.  And this one was a full-band collaboration!

7. Graveyard of Empires
Matt: Afghanistan will make you its bitch!
Chris: This song made me its bitch.  It’s probably the most complex and challenging song we’ve done.  Written by Matt, of course.

8. Burn With Me
Matt: Creative destruction.
Chris: Along with “Cry”, this is the radio single contender. Which probably means that I wrote it.

9. In Your Hands
Chris: This one is about how people are so good at creating their own problems and yet so terrible at creating any solutions.


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