November 22, 2016, 40 minutes ago

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NIGHTMARE Release Official Teaser Video For Upcoming Dead Sun Album

French heavy metal pioneers, Nightmare, will release their new album, Dead Sun, this Friday, November 25th, via AFM Records. An official teaser video can be found below.

The album has been arranged in France by the band’s long time friend and producer Patrick Liotard together with Joost Van Den Broek (The Gentle Storm, Epica), produced and mixed by Joost Van Den Broek at Sandlane Studios in The Netherlands, and recorded at Noise Factory Studio in Belgium with Gerald Jans behind the desk.

Cover artwork for Dead Sun was created by Julien Spreutels (Epysode).


“Of Sleepless Mind”
“Tangled in the Roots”
“Red Marble & Gold”
“Dead Sun”
“Seeds of Agony”
“Inner Sanctum”
“Starry Skies Gone Black”


“Serpentine” video:

“Ikarus” video: