La Century Media Records ha reso disponibile l’intero show del DVD “The Year Of The Voyager” (2008) dei Nevermore. Il concerto è stato registrato in Germania il 20 ottobre 2006 allo Zeche di Bochum.

“The Year Of The Voyager”:

  1. Final Product
  2. My Acid Words
  3. What Tomorrow Knows/Garden of Gray
  4. Next in Line
  5. Enemies of Reality
  6. I, Voyager
  7. The Politics of Ecstacy
  8. The River Dragon Has Come
  9. I Am the Dog
  10. Dreaming Neon Black
  11. Matricide
  12. Dead Heart in a Dead World
  13. Inside Four Walls
  14. The Learning
  15. Sentient 6
  16. Narcosynthesis
  17. The Heart Collector
  18. Born
  19. This Godless Endeavor

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