Anthony Morgan of Metal Forces recently conducted an interview with MOTÖRHEAD guitarist Phil Campbell. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.


“It’s four years old, the band. Basically, when my eldest son had a big birthday party, we hired a band and everything. We were all there, and just borrowed their instruments for a few songs. Neil was there, too — Neil Starr, our vocalist. All of the boys have known him for years, through his bands. We played a few songs, and after that, we did some festivals for fun. We did Bloodstock two or three years ago, and bits and pieces. After Lemmy sadly passed away, obviously I’ve got more time now. We changed the name, and we’ve written our own material and stuff, basically. Yeah though, the band is four years old. It has the same members and everything — we just changed the name. It’s not something that I put together since Lemmy passed away; we’ve been doing it since years before. Now obviously, there’s a bit more time to do stuff.”

On his debut solo album:

“I’ve been working on my solo record for the last two years, so I sort of put that on hold a bit until we got this EP out. We’re just installing a new desk in our studio [Stomp Box Recording Studios in Pontyclun, Wales], so from January onwards, I’m gonna be working on my solo record. I’m gonna be doing more stuff on it, and also we’ll be working on THE BASTARD SONS‘ full album as well. It’s gonna take a while yet. We just wanted to put out an EP, a really good representation of us. I’m really pleased with it, the EP. It’s been finished for like two, three months or something, and I’m not fed up with it yet. It’s great; it has great songs, great production, and great playing. The mix is fantastic, so I hope everyone enjoys it. There’s nothing finished yet for my solo album. I’ve got about eight songs down, but they’re all rough, and I’ve got another 20 riffs on my phone. I’ve got some big names waiting to appear and work on stuff as we speak – some singers, especially — but I don’t want to say anything like who they are yet. I don’t want to jinx it, so you’ll have to wait.”

On a forthcoming book:

“It’s not gonna be about my life. It’s just gonna be about the funny and outrageous shit that I’ve been a part of and witnessed. That’s gonna have to wait until I get this new album out, until I get the two records out. So 2018, I’ll probably spend most of that year doing that. I’ve prepared, though; I’ve got everything in place for a book and I’ll probably prepare it even more next year, and get it into place. Then I’ll take a month or two off with whomever I’m doing the book with, because there’s someone who’s gonna help me write the book and sort that out.

“So, that won’t be out until 2018, 2019, but it has to come out because it’s so funny. It will be, the stories. It’s just gonna be 30 or 40 amazing things that will put a smile on people’s faces. It won’t be about what school I went to, or that boring crap. It won’t be an autobiography, no.”

Read the entire interview at Metal Forces.