August 17, 2015, 23 minutes ago

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London's THE HERETIC ORDER Reveal All Hail The Order Album Details; “Burn Witch Burn” Video Streaming

London metallers, The Heretic Order, will release their debut album, All Hail The Order, on September 25th via Massacre Records. All Hail The Order was recorded and produced by Daniel Felice and Guillermo “Will” Maya. Maya also took care of the mix and the mastering. 5 Miligrams is responsible for the album’s artwork.

“Burn Witch Burn”
“El Baile De Los Muertos”
“Rot In Hell”
“Death Ride Blues”
“The Snake”
“Don’t Believe The Lies”
“Dark Light”
“Serpent’s Breath”
“Ghost Tale”
“Trail Of Sadness”
“Burn Witch Burn” video: