According to Australia’s Wheels, LINKIN PARK will assist Mercedes-AMG in coming up with pedestrian-alerting noise the German manufacturer’s future electric cars will project.

The rise of near-silent electric vehicles offers an opportunity to come up with some unique sounds for the roads of the future. Several automakers are looking at making their EVs blare an artificial sound to get pedestrians’ attention.

While Mercedes-AMG has yet to decide whether it wants its battery-powered cars to make a simulated engine noise or some other sound, it has reportedly enlisted LINKIN PARK, one of its “Partners in Performance,” to aid in the process.

“I started to talk with [LINKIN PARK] about what is their interpretation of electrified sound,” Mercedes-AMG CEO Tobias Moers told Wheels. “We’ve had a cooperation with LINKIN PARK for years. We’re really close.”

LINKIN PARK‘s collaboration with Mercedes-AMG could mark some of the band’s first work since lead singer Chester Bennington committed suicide in July.

It is presently unclear if the electrified AMG cars will have some sort of digitally augmented sound or a new sound that will celebrate the electric drivetrain.

Nissan recently announced plans to make its driverless cars and electric vehicles safer through a new feature: the singing electric car, a function designed to alert nearby pedestrians. This new feature is called “Canto” — which means “I sing” in Italian — and it emits noise that sound “like a demonic string quartet tuning its instruments,” according to Wired.