L’ex chitarrista di Tarja Turunen, Julian Barrett, è entrato nei Raven Lord. Barrett è entrato come membro alla pari del chitarrista Stefan Lindholm e si occuperà sia della chitarra solista che della ritmica.

Julian Barrett: ” When Csaba Zvekan contacted me on joining the band to add another guitar player I had to check out their songs. After listening to their material I knew right away that this was something I definitely wanted to be part of. I instantly fell for the melodic vocals and powerful riffs so my decision was easy to make. Really looking forward to work with these guys.”

Il cantante Csaba Zvekan: “I’ve been auditioning guitar players for Raven Lord for a while now. Even worked to a certain extend with  some of them as well. We were not looking for another Stefan Lindholm rather to expand and complete our musical experience. The two guitar solos  will be technical and bluesy as well. They switch each other off making things more interesting and complete”.

Stefan Lindholm : “I’m really thrilled and excited playing for Raven Lord. I think the guys in the band are fantastic and bring some great musicianship to the table. I’m convinced we will have a blast on tour and play some awesome shows together. Great future ahead!”

Line up completa:

Csaba Zvekan (Killing Machine, Sardonyx, Emergency) – Vocals
Stefan Lindholm (Vindictiv) – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Julian Barret (Tarja, Barilari, Lorihen) – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Alessandro Del Vecchio (Eden’s Curse, Edge of Forever) – Keyboards
Tobias Flensburg – Drums


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