September 10, 2016, an hour ago

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Earache Records To Release New Best Of Compilations From ENTOMBED, MORBID ANGEL

On September 30th, Earache Records will issue new best of compilations, priced at only £5.99 each, for Entombed and Morbid Angel. Complete details can be found below.

This carefully curated compilation spans the entire career of the band that defined the Swedish death metal sound.  Formed in the late ’80s, Entombed were originally called Nihilist and had a huge reputation on the underground death metal scene.This album is a must have for any die-hard fan and also a great introduction to the band. Includes classics such as “Left Hand Path”, “Hollowman” and “Wolverine Blues”. Pre-order at this location.


“Left Hand Path”
“Wolverine Blues”
“Stranger Aeons”
“Out Of Hand”
“Supposed To Rot”
“Sinners Bleed”
“Bitter Loss”
“Full Of Hell”
“God Of Thunder”
“Night Of The Vampire”

Boasting 12 of the best tracks from one of death metal’s biggest and most influential bands. Morbid Angel are widely renowned as the kings of the death ,etal genre with their revolutionary and unapologetic sound. This album serves as an essential collectable for die-hard fans and also as a great introduction to the band. Pre-order at this location.


“Maze Of Torment”
“Fall From Grace”
“Pain Divine”
“Enshrined By Grace”
“Chapel Of Ghouls”
“Bil Ur-Sag”
“Where The Slime Live”
“Angel Of Disease”
“Opening Of The Gates”
“Immortal Rites”