CORROSION OF CONFORMITY drummer Reed Mullin has been forced to leave the band’s tour with CLUTCH and LAMB OF GOD after suffering an alcohol-related seizure.

Mullin fell ill just as C.O.C. was preparing to take the stage in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Sunday night (June 5). He was temporarily replaced at the gig by CLUTCH drummer Jean Paul Gaster and LAMB OF GOD‘s Chris Adler.

Comments CORROSION OF CONFORMITY bassist/vocalist Mike Dean: “[Reed‘s seizure] was preceded by prolonged, extreme and unhealthy levels of alcohol consumption, not taking care of himself and who knows what else.

Reed has been unwell for awhile and we are praying he gets the help he needs and that he seek treatment for alcohol and drug dependency, not to mention general lifestyle assistance.

“This tragic event echoes a nearly identical incident In Pttsburgh a few years back, where Reed had a seizure just before taking the stage when the three-piece version of the band were also opening for CLUTCH. Both instances were preceded by concerns about Reed‘s well being and appearance. That incident resulted in five canceled shows. So years of assurances go by and we come full circle back to the same avoidable tragedy.

“This time we are leaving Reed with the medical experts in Edmonton and pressing on with the help of Jean Paul Gaster and Chris Adler, who quickly learned some songs. The show went on and will go on but we will not enable Reed to continue killing himself on our watch.

“Again we ask everyone for prayers for Reed and understanding for our predicament. All the best to everyone and Reed get help.”

In a December 2015 interview with SideStage Magazine, Mullin reflected on the passing of former STONE TEMPLE PILOTS singer Scott Weiland, who had just died of an accidental overdose of alcohol and drugs. He said: “I think a lot of people thought that it would have happened a long time ago. I didn’t really know Scott, but I was really good friends with Layne Staley [ALICE IN CHAINS], and I’ve had my own problems with alcohol, you know; I think a lot of us have. But, you know, you have housewives that get addicted to pain pills and stuff like that. So it’s not hard to understand, but at the same time it’s tragic, especially in Layne‘s case when you knew it was going to happen. I didn’t know Scott that well at all — I had met him several times, but I didn’t really know him. I knew Layne very well. Like I said, I didn’t know Scott, but I share a lot of the difficulties that he had before he passed so I understand and I still struggle with some of that stuff.”

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY‘s tour with CLUTCH and LAMB OF GOD hits Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada tonight (Monday, June 6) and wraps up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 9.