SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor says that he plans on starting work on his next book “in the next year or so.”

Roughly one-third of Taylor‘s last book, 2017’s “America 51”, was dedicated to his derision for President Donald Trump, and the singer says that he was emotionally exhausted after its completion.

“I kind of took a break from writing books after ‘America 51’, just because it took such a toll on me mentally that I really had to step away for a while,” he said during a Facebook Live question-and-answer session (see video below) on Wednesday (August 14). “But I’m starting to get that itch again. I’ve got a really great idea for a novel as well as a cool idea for another ‘rant’ book, as I like to call ’em. And probably in the next year or so, I’ll start working on that. But right now, my main focus is SLIPKNOT.”

Taylor previously said that “writing a book” is “quite different” from writing songs. “With a book, I could just fucking vomit from the brain,” he explained. “But with music, at least for me, I like the confines of it, I like the structure. I love songs, I love getting in, being concise, getting people with a hook, blasting them… Whether it’s fucking angry or melodic, and then getting out and leaving them wanting more. So, to me, the book lets me unleash it and kinda take shit to its natural end, as far as that goes. Because my brain is fucked up. So I will take that as far as it will go until I kind of sit there and go, ‘I have no way to beat that to the fucking death anymore.’ And I kind of go from there. So it’s good to kinda have no rules, and rules. It’s refreshing.”

Corey, who is often referred to as the “Great Big Mouth” due to his outspoken views, told the 94.3 KILO radio station in a 2017 interview that he is not worried about possible fallout from his comments. “That’s part of being an American,” he explained. “I mean, nothing drives me more crazy than when somebody says to celebrities or whatever, ‘Why don’t you just stick to acting?’ And I’m, like, ‘What? Leave politics to you? Why don’t you stick to writing bad reviews in your mom’s basement? Just shut your mouth. I’m just as American as you are, I have every right to say what I want, and you can shove that kind of attitude straight up your ass.”

Taylor and the rest of SLIPKNOT are currently on the road in support of their latest album, “We Are Not Your Kind”, which arrived on August 9 via Roadrunner Records.

Live Q&A with Corey Taylor
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Posted by Slipknot on Wednesday, August 14, 2019