Jim Breuer (ex-“Saturday Night Live” cast member, “Half Baked”) is one of the most iconic and innovative comedians of our time and he makes it very well known that he is a huge fan of heavy metal. Therefore it comes as no surprise that Breuer has launched a new podcast series called “The Metal In Me”. The show’s inaugural episode can be downloaded now at this location and a new episode will be posted each week featuring interviews with some of today’s elite metal and hard rock artists.

The show is hosted by Breuer, and if you love VAN HALEN, JUDAS PRIEST, METALLICA, OZZY OSBOURNE and old and new hard rock or heavy metal, then you will love this. It’s the lighter side of it all with big-name guests, impressions, bits and an ensemble cast of Jim‘s musical friends. This podcast is unlike any other out there.

Breuer has been working on a rock album with producer — and former ANTHRAX and current VOLBEAT guitarist — Rob Caggiano. The CD, which is tentatively due next year, will include a guest appearance by AC/DC singer Brian Johnson.

Breuer stated about his upcoming album: “I think the music is going to be very respectable. I think it’s going to surprise most people. I think the hard rock, metal world will embrace [it], where many other people who thought it was going to be really funny will think, ‘Oh, he really wasn’t that funny in it. He wrote some real songs.’ So, I don’t know what to expect from it, but it’s definitely hard rock and metal for my generation.”

Asked if he gets more starstruck when he meets certain musicians as opposed to meeting legendary comedians he idolizes, Breuer said: “I definitely, hands down, 100 percent am more comfortable around the rock guys because I just instantly feel like I relate to them much easier. We’re not competing, there’s no animosity, there’s a general respect and a mutual respect for one another. I really enjoy being in the rock world. They’re funny, 90 percent of them are funny. And they’re guys that you would just hang out with and it’s awesome.”

Fonte: Blabbermouth.net