California rockers BUCKCHERRY have debuted a new song “Gettin’ Started”, which is featured on the digital deluxe-edition release of the band’s album “Rock ‘N’ Roll” (available now via F-Bomb/Caroline).

BUCKCHERRY‘s seventh full-length record was produced by the band’s renowned guitarist Keith Nelson along with Todd, Stevie D (guitar), Xavier Muriel (drums) and Kelly LeMieux (bass). The new deluxe edition features the record’s original track list as well as a new version of “The Feeling Never Dies” (featuring guest vocals from Grammy Award-winning country artist Gretchen Wilson), “Gettin’ Started” and a B-side called “Cannonball”.

On “Rock ‘N’ Roll”, BUCKCHERRY staunchly upholds the commandments of rock music with an arsenal of new anthems primed to explode on impact and teeming with riotous energy, sexy swagger, and primal chops intact. It’s something that the boys have done since day one, but it’s more necessary now than ever.

“There’s been so much talk about how rock ‘n’ roll is dead and all of this bullshit,” says Todd. “The funny thing is, that’s been going on since we put out our first record in 1999. We wanted to call the new album ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll’, because this is what we’ve been doing our whole lives. We focused on making a record that encompasses all of what we are. You get every flavor of BUCKCHERRY.”

BUCKCHERRY has added fuel to the genre’s fire for nearly two decades now. The Grammy Award-nominated outfit is responsible for smashes including “Lit Up” off their gold-certified 1999 self-titled debut as well as “Crazy Bitch” and “Sorry” from 2006’s platinum “15”. Along the way, they’ve shared stages with everybody from AC/DC and MÖTLEY CRÜE to SLIPKNOT and ROB ZOMBIE, among others.