According to, estranged AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd was arrested again Saturday night (July 18) at his home in Tauranga, New Zealand. It is understood prostitutes were at his house at the time of the arrest.

Rudd‘s lawyer Craig Tuck told Fairfax Media: “All I can say is he has been arrested and will be appearing on Monday at 10 a.m. in the Tauranga District Court. That’s all I can say for now and that’s all I am telling everyone who is calling.”

Rudd was sentenced to eight months of home detention earlier in the month in New Zealand’s Tauranga District Court after pleading guilty to charges of attempting to “procure a murder” and drug possession. He faced up to seven years behind bars.

Rudd‘s son submitted an affidavit to the court which said in part that his father “has a heart of gold and wouldn’t hurt a fly. It’s just when the drugs take over, he behaves how he taught me not to.” Rudd has reportedly been struggling with a meth addiction.

When his first solo effort, “Head Job”, flopped, Rudd reportedly threatened a former employee. A month later, Rudd told an associate that he wanted him to “take out” his personal assistant, whom he then called and verbally threatened, allegedly saying: “I’m going to come over and kill you.”

Rudd offered $200,000 and a choice of vehicles and house as payment to kill the assistant, according to reports. When police raided his home in Tauranga, New Zealand, they found methamphetamine and other drugs.

“I was pretty stressed at the time,” Rudd told Australia’s “A Current Affair”.

Prior the ruling, the court was told that Rudd‘s actions were the result of psychosis, brought on by drugs. While he initially denied the allegations, he submitted a guilty plea in April. Under the sentencing, he will be monitored for eight months and required to complete a rehabilitation program.

Judge Thomas Ingram told Rudd that there “was nowhere to hide” and that if drugs or alcohol were found in his system, he would face jail time.

Ingram continued: “QUEEN replaced Freddie Mercury, and your band is touring without you now.”

Rudd played with AC/DC for 30 years and performed on AC/DC‘s new album, “Rock Or Bust”. Chris Slade, who played with AC/DC from 1990 to 1993, was announced in February as the group’s drummer for its current world tour.