WOLFHEART – “Zero Gravity” Video Released

Trailblazing Finnish melodic death metal unit Wolfheart have shared their new video for “Zero Gravity”. The track lives on the band’s new album Shadow World, out now via Spinefarm.

The video was shot in four different locations on what Wolfheart’s Tuomas Saukkonen calls “a four-day adventure trip” in the midst of the great Norwegian North. 

Like all the previous Wolfheart videos, “Zero Gravity” was produced by Saukkonen’s own OneManArmy company, and filmed by his trusted right-hand man Valtteri Hirvonen.

Saukkonen stated, “I have visited Norway a few times before and absolutely love the nature and surroundings. To me, it was the perfect scenery for Wolfheart music. It was overall a very smooth project and a pretty awesome ‘road trip’ with the guys. The reason we went there by car through Lapland to Norway was because it was impossible for us to fly with the amount of video gear, instruments, and whatever else we had with us.”

The band’s signature Winter Metal sound is perfectly embodied in “Zero Gravity” the song — raging double bass drum attacks, the frail balance between savage riffs and the arresting melodies of twin guitar leads, iced with  Saukkonen’s ferocious growls and dashes of sheer brutality, resulting to a blizzard of majestic yet unmistakably Finnish melodic death metal sound.

Fonte: Bravewords.com