UNEARTH has released the official music video for the song “Incinerate”, taken from the band’s “Extinction(s)” album, which was released last November. The clip, shot while UNEARTH was in Canada with DARKEST HOUR, was produced by KREACT and was directed, filmed and edited by Daniel Vandal, with additional camera by Alexandre Charron, Soufiane Benrqiq and Christophe Thivierge.

For its seventh release and Century Media debut, the band worked with Will Putney (EVERY TIME I DIE, BODY COUNT, GOJIRA, THY ART IS MURDER, SILENT PLANET) at Graphic Nature Studios. Additionally, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE‘s Adam Dutkiewicz recorded drums for the effort.

Frontman Trevor Phipps told Distorted Sound about “Extinction(s)”: “It sounds like us but we’ve definitely taken things to a different level. There’s some songs on there that dig more back into our roots, where the band came from. There’s also some new directions in there as well. It was four years between records for us, so we had a lot of material. We had 24 songs ready to go and we cut those down to 14 then to the best 10. I think this is our strongest record to date. Time will tell whether that’s the truth, but we all feel really good about this record. It’s heavy, it’s dynamic and I think the songs will translate to a live setting very well too. That was a big thing for us. We wanted to write a record where we could play the entire thing live. Our last record, ‘Watchers Of Rule’, that was more, not prog metal but the most progressive of our catalog, and those songs didn’t really translate into our live show as some of the earlier stuff. We definitely take pride in our live performance and interaction with the crowd, high energy, so we had that in mind when writing this record.”

Regarding how the members of UNEARTH continue to push themselves creatively, Trevor said: “With the four-year break between records, we did our fair share of touring around the world. I think right now, it’s a really good time for music, especially metal and hardcore. It really inspired us to become fans of music again. I don’t want to say we got complacent, but we definitely relied on where our roots were from and what we grew up listening to. There is so much great music out there now that we all got fully inspired again, and I think that’s where the energy for this album came from. We just became big fans again of what is going on right now, and not just yesterday. We’ve been doing this for a long time and you have to stay hungry if you wanna stick around. We’ve seen a lot of our peers come and go over the years and we are still standing. We are determined to go further and further.”

UNEARTH is currently on a U.S. tour with ALL THAT REMAINS through June 15.

UNEARTH will head to Europe for a fall tour with AS I LAY DYING and CHELSEA GRIN in September.

Fonte: Blabbermouth.net