UNCURED - “Antivenom” Guitar Playthrough Video Streaming

Uncured, the new progressive metal band that is taking the industry by storm with its bone-crushing riffs and melodic, acoustic passages, recently released a full-length video for their song “Antivenom”.

Now the band have released a playthrough video for the track, in which Zak Cox takes us step-by-step through the intro solo. See the new playthrough, as well as the music video below.

“Antivenom” playthrough video:

“Antivenom” video:

Featuring brothers Rex Cox (age 16) and Zak Cox (age 18) on guitars and bass, with a guest appearance from Max Portnoy (age 17 and the son of drumming legend Mike Portnoy) on drums, Uncured is gaining momentum across the metal scene not only for their awe-inspiring technical proficiency at such a young age, but also or the combination of brutality and beauty in their songs.  The band is being compared by many to prog metal giants such as Dream Theater and Opeth in their heavier days.

The “Antivenom” video captures Uncured’s vibe perfectly as each of the band’s massive changes in musical direction is accompanied by a barrage of psychedelic visual shifts.  In addition to the “Antivenom” video, Uncured has already produced a substantial video library, including teasers, guitar play-throughs with tabs, technical explanations of their sound, and the full music video for their song “Dethfunk”.  Uncured videos already have over 350,000 views on social media platforms.  

The release of the Uncured EP Spontaneous Generation is slated for October 13th. Uncured is signed to Conclave Studios in NYC and has plans to tour in the US and internationally throughout 2017.  

Fore more information about Uncured, visit Uncuredband.com.

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