Acclaimed heavy metal singers Tim “The Ripper” Owens (JUDAS PRIEST, ICED EARTH, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN), Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin (JAG PANZER) and Sean “The Hell Destroyer” Peck (CAGE, DEATH DEALER, DENNER/SHERMANN) have joined forces in a new project called THE THREE TREMORS.

THE THREE TREMORS‘ self-titled debut LP, which will feature 12 original songs written by Peck, is tentatively due in the fall. According to a press release, “This album delivers everything you could imagine and even more than you would expect from such a lineup. Apocalyptic speed metal that will resonate for years to come.”

Songtitles set to appear on the disc include “Bullets For The Damned”, “Invaders From The Sky”, “When The Last Scream Fades”, “Sonic Suicide” and “Speed To Burn”. Check out audio samples on THE THREE TREMORSPledgeMusic page.

A European tour is booked and will see the three singers backed by a band consisting of CAGE members David Garcia (guitar), Casey Trask (guitar), Alex Pickard (bass) and Sean Elg (drums).

“The Three Tremors” cover artwork was created by acclaimed artist Marc Sasso (HALFORD, DIO, ADRENALINE MOB) and can be seen below.

THE THREE TREMORS was the provisional name given to a proposed project featuring Bruce Dickinson (IRON MAIDEN), Geoff Tate (QUEENSRŸCHE) and Rob Halford (JUDAS PRIEST).

It was announced in 2000 that the Tate would be joining Dickinson and Halford in the all-star group, which was slated to record an album’s worth of material with Dickinson‘s solo guitarist and Roy “Z” Ramirez.

Dickinson said that he and Roy wrote “about three songs” for THE THREE TREMORS during a session in Los Angeles before he “realized it was going to take us a lot longer than three weeks to write a project with three singers that would work.”

Before Dickinson‘s proposed collaboration with Halford and Tate was officially scrapped, the name THE THREE TREMORS was changed to TRINITY because “we figured they would sue our ass if we called it THE THREE TREMORS,” Bruce explained in an interview several years ago.