THE INFERNAL SEA Sign To Cacophonous Records; “Entombed In Darkness” Music Video Posted

Casting a shadow over the idyllic Fenlands landscape, black metal quintet The Infernal Sea announce their signing to the relaunched extreme metal label, Cacophonous Records.

Rooting their sound in traditional black metal, The Infernal Sea are by no means afraid to experiment, with forthcoming sophomore album, The Great Mortality, bringing in an eclectic mix of influences on February 19th.

Vocalist Dean Lettice states: “We are honoured to sign to a label with such rich history and feel this new alliance will add to the great legacy of Cacophonous. They helped forge the careers of influential artists we grew up listening to such as Cradle Of Filth, Primordial, Bal-Sagoth and Dimmu Borgir, so The Infernal Sea hopes to continue their legacy, paving the way for UK black metal just as those did before us. The Great Mortality is a visceral and relentless soundtrack that captures the essence of our intense live rituals. It’s harsh and experimental, pushing the boundaries of the ‘traditional’ black metal sound to create something unique and terrifying.”

The Great Mortality focuses on the dark and macabre history of the Black Death which swept across the UK and Europe from 1348. Each track focuses on the sadistic nature of mankind in times of fear and despair, with historical insight into the horrors and atrocities committed to their fellow man. Treading into dystopian territory, this is The Infernal Sea at their most brutal and cadaverous.

“Entombed In Darkness” video: