According to The Pulse Of Radio, singer Chris Cornell, bassist Jeff Ament and guitarist Mike McCready of the legendary Seattle supergroup TEMPLE OF THE DOG have not ruled out recording new music. McCready has already told Classic Rock that he would “record new songs in a minute,” while Cornell said to Rolling Stone: “There’s always a chance. Just from my perspective, it would have to feel great. I don’t want to say it would have to live up to the album, but I wouldn’t want to take away from it. I don’t want to detract from what happened before.”

Jeff Ament added: “That record is so unique in terms of what initiated it — but I love recording, so I’d always be up for it, I think.”

TEMPLE OF THE DOG was originally assembled in 1991 as a tribute to MOTHER LOVE BONE frontman Andrew Wood, who’d died of a heroin overdose the previous year. It featured members of SOUNDGARDEN and a new group that would eventually morph into PEARL JAM.

Although there have been occasional TEMPLE OF THE DOG performances over the years, the collective will tour for the first time next month in support of their reissued album, which came out last Friday (September 30).

Although the band is only playing five cities on this run, Ament said that there is the possibility of more touring down the line. He explained: “If everyone is excited, it might become a thing we do every once in a while. We can call each other up and say, ‘Hey, we just got an offer to play London,’ or something. That would be fun.”

The “Temple Of The Dog” reissue is available in four configurations, including a four-disc super deluxe edition, a double LP, a two-CD deluxe set, and a single CD.