Ecco i primi dettagli del nuovo dvd dei Tank intitolato “War Machine Live”.

01. This Means War
02. Judgement Day
03. Echoes Of A Distant Battle
04. Phoenix Rising
05. Feast Of The Devil
06. Honour And Blood
07. Great Expectations
08. T.W.D.A.M.O.
09. Don’t Dream In The Dark
10. Power Of The Hunter
11. (He Fell In Love With A) Stormtrooper
12. The War Drags Ever On

Bonus video:

* “War Nation” video
* Interview with Mick Tucker, Cliff Evans and Doogie White
* Live at Metal Hammer Festival 2011
* At the Studio / On the Road


* Photo gallery
* Biography
* Discography
* Desktop images



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