Rock To Recovery, a transformative program for those in treatment and recovery, has announced this year’s “Rock To Recovery 4”, set to take place on Saturday, August 24 at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. The event will feature music from the night’s headline band GOLDFINGER and SACRED SONS (musicians from KORN, SEVENDUST, MADONNA, SHE WANTS REVENGE, SYSTEM OF A DOWN). This year’s benefit concert will be honoring actress, singer-songwriter and Golden Globe winner Katey Sagal with the Rock To Recovery Icon Award and musician and producer John Feldmann (BLINK 182, PANIC! AT THE DISCO, THE USED) with the Rock To Recovery Service Award. SACRED SONS will be joined by SYSTEM OF A DOWN‘s Shavo Odadjian for the night’s co-headlining band.

The Rock To Recovery Icon and Service awards are given each year to public figures known far and wide, who use their power to influence great masses of people. The Icon Award specifically honors those people who have battled an addiction to overcome in an industry full of challenges. In doing so and by sharing their experience while accepting the award, they also give great hope to others.

“What most people don’t know about Katey is she is an incredibly talented singer, came to L.A. to pursue music, than just happened to get on one of the most successful sitcoms of all time as Peg Bundy on ‘Married With Children’ and then winning a Golden Globe for her role as Gemma on the smash ‘Sons Of Anarchy’,” says Wes Geer, founder of Rock To Recovery. “But aside from being a singer, and iconic actor, she has been in recovery herself for a very long time, and always made herself available to help carry the message of hope, and be of service to those in need.”

The concert serves to raise funds and awareness our non-profit musical programs expanding the Rock To Recovery reach, and helping to support, advocate and inspire people in all types of recovery: Wounded Warriors, addiction, mental health, PTSD, TBI, at-risk youth, foster children, etc.

“This is fundraiser is raises about 90% of our annual revenue. With this money we partner with the Dept of Defense, working internationally with wounded veterans,” says Geer. “We work at local VAs, with veterans with spinal cord injuries, youth correctional facilities, indigent rehabs, wherever we can help people. We bring them all hope through our musical programs. In most of these programs, this is the group they will not miss, they fight for the opportunity to be there. For people who have been lost to the darkness for so long, Rock To Recovery brings them light in the most magical way- through playing writing, performing music. I think an injured Air Force veteran said it best when she explained to me that ‘Rock To Recovery helps to put a song back in their heart.'”

Former KORN and HED P.E. guitarist Wesley Geer founded Rock To Recovery on December 12, 2012, in an effort to give non-musicians access to the magic, healing powers of playing music, and advance the use of music expression groups in various treatment settings. In each session, program participants form a band, write a song together, and record their work, offering an uplifting, therapeutic release to patients recovering from PTSD, alcoholism, drug addiction, depression, cancer treatments and more, by organically helping improve body/brain chemistry by stimulating the natural release of serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin. Rock To Recovery typically operates as an adjunct service to a treatment center’s curriculum, and in just four years, the program has grown to become an integral part of the weekly treatment curriculum for nearly eighty programs.

Rock To Recovery‘s non-profit entity donates its services to the U.S. Department Of Defense’s Wounded Warriors program, state-funded programs and indigent rehabs like the Salvation Army and Clare Foundation, programs for at-risk youths including Turning Point and North County Lifeline, as well as Breath of Heaven, and local VA programs including New Directions for Veterans and the Brentwood VA.

Prior to the inception of these annual concerts, Rock To Recovery has been entirely self-funded. Due to the program’s success and subsequent demand, coupled with the overwhelming successes of previous year’s events, the organization will continue to grow its reach through these annual fundraising celebrations in order to bring the healing power of music to more people.

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