September 30, 2016, an hour ago

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STUCK MOJO / FOZZY Guitarist RICH WARD - "In The Summer Of 2005 I Had No Bands; For Three Months I Pushed A Lawnmower"

The Behind The Barricade podcast recently caught up with Stuck Mojo / Fozzy guitarist Rich Ward for an intimate and career spanning interview. 

Stuck Mojo released their new album, Here Come The Infidels, on June 24th. A full album stream can be found below.


“Here Come The Infidels”
“Rape Whistle”
“Charles Bronson”
“The Business Of Hate”
“Verbal Combat”
“Worst Person On Earth”
“Fire Me”
“I Am Legion”

Album stream:

“The Business Of Hate” lyric video:

“Verbal Combat” lyric video:

“Charles Bronson” lyric video: