Artisan News recently conducted an interview with bassist Lexxi Foxx and drummer Stix Zadinia of Los Angeles glam metal jokesters STEEL PANTHER. You can now watch the chat on YouTube.

In a 2014 interview with The Morning Call, Zadinia stated about STEEL PANTHER‘s third album, “All You Can Eat”, which came out a year ago: “I think it turned out exactly how we hoped. When we went in for ‘All You Can Eat’, we wanted to make a complete record that covers all the bases, musically, that we liked. We didn’t want to do 12 tracks that sounded exactly like each other. And we didn’t want to do songs that sounded like ones we recorded on previous albums. And we wanted to paint a whole musical picture. And I think we were able to totally go in and do that and the end product, I think, is an ass-kicking album.”

Asked if he and his bandmates ever feel like they are cornered as far as what types of songs they can write and record as STEEL PANTHER, Stix said: “That’s a good question. Actually, I feel like it’s the opposite, for real. I feel like we are allowed to do whatever the fuck we want to do. Um, you take an artist like, I don’t know — MAROON 5, right? If you think about it, if you flip it on MAROON 5 and you go, ‘OK, what are they allowed to do? What are they expected to do?’ Well, they’re expected to put out pop songs. They’re expected to sing about relationships. Or they can sing about dance songs — like ‘Move Like Jagger’.”

He continued: “The place that we’ve come to in STEEL PANTHER, if we sing about a relationship or we sing about having a good time — we can sing about an unending amount of topics and I don’t think anybody would go, ‘Wait, why are they singing about that?’ I think we have license to do a lot more than most bands, actually.”