On September 6, STATUS QUO will release “Backbone” through earMUSIC/Edel; the band’s 33rd studio album – the LP will be their 33rd 33rpm!

The official music video for the disc’s title track can be seen below.

Some doubters said “Backbone” was a record that could not be made, but the 2019 lineup of STATUS QUO has been through a lot, they have chalked up 130 shows as a unit and travelled tens of thousands of miles. This is a group of musicians that is strong, that back each other up and are tighter than ever. “Backbone” features of a trio songs drawn from the classic partnership of Rossi/Young as well as contributions from all of the rest of the band.

The 11-track album was recorded at Francis‘s studio in the late months of 2018 and into this year. The sessions were initially just to keep the juices flowing, improvise and have fun. As the hours rolled on, songs stacked up, everyone began to believe that something special was happening. And so it proved. Even from within the group, there had been some resistance to creating a new record.

As Francis says: “This new material had to be seriously good. QUO have achieved so much and meant so much to too many people for the quality to slip now. Also, let’s face it, things have changed and we’re an easier target than ever.

“Losing Rick was hard to bear but, through Richie Malone, who was inspired to pick up a guitar by him, we can not only keep going but actually pick up the pace. The energy that he and Leon bring to QUO can’t be underestimated.

“I wasn’t sure I had another album in me, but I couldn’t be more proud of ‘Backbone’. I hope the fans love it, but you can’t please everyone and I’m not going to start trying to now.”

To have “backbone” means to stand firm, to stand up for what you believe in. The title fits. The hundreds of songs recorded by QUO over half a century still resonate today, and the tracks on this album are a worthy addition to that incredible catalogue. A new QUO studio album is a cause for celebration, especially when it kicks like this one. And for the doubters? A “backbone” is also a support, a unifying element that keeps things in shape. Underlying this new record are the core desires to keep creating, to be the best and to keep playing: these are the qualities that have kept QUO at the top for so long. “Backbone” will ensure that Francis Rossi and QUO keep standing proud. And, by naming the album “Backbone”, they’re ready for the “Spinal Tap” headlines too!

“Backbone” track listing:

01. Waiting For A Woman (Rossi/Young)
02. Cut Me Some Slack (Rossi/Edwards)
03. Liberty Lane (Rossi/Edwards)
04. I See You’re in Some Trouble (Rossi/Young)
05. Backing Off (Bown/Rossi)
06. I Wanna Run Away With You (Rossi/Young)
07. Backbone (Rossi/Edwards)
08. Better Take Care (John David)
09. Falling Off The World (Cave)
10. Get Out Of My Head (Malone)
11. Running Out Of Time (Bown/Rossi)

Fonte: Blabbermouth.net