“Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be – The Story Of Bon Scott” will run from February 26 until February 28 at The National Theatre in Melbourne, Australia.

The stage show tells the story of Bon Scott‘s life — his childhood, his family, his secrets, the bands that came before his rise to fame with AC/DC and his rock and roll dreams.

The story is so familiar that it’s in everyone’s memory as if we were all there. AC/DC, riding high through the middle of Melbourne in the 1970s, singing the story of life on the road, of dreams and broken promises, of the long way to the top. At the center of the band stands a man with bagpipes and a wicked grin — Bon Scott. Bon‘s bravado was famous, his survival skills finely tuned — he was ready to be a rock and roll superstar. But it had already been a long journey — and it was going to get longer.

“Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be” follows Bon‘s life from Scotland to Australia, through his hell-raising teenage years and the bands that came before AC/DCTHE SPEKTORS, THE VALENTINES and FRATERNITY. From hippie epiphanies to bubblegum pop to the iconic early years of AC/DC, “Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be” celebrates the music, the heartbreak and the life of Bon Scott — a quintessential rock and roll story that ended far too soon.

“Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be” lead performer Nick Barker told the Herald Sun: “The show has always had massive potential because there’s an amazing amount of public ownership of Bon Scott.

“I’ve researched this show and changed it to try and get it as close to 100 percent correct as possible.

“It’s not just an AC/DC tribute. It’s a pretty bizarre mix of rock ‘n’ roll theater and documentary.”

Producer Andrew Barker added: “It’s what we are calling a narrative concert. Nick will narrate and sing his songs accompanied by a four-piece band. All up there are 20 songs in the show, which won’t be all AC/DC, but will tell the story of his whole career.

“I can guarantee when you see the show you will learn at least five things about Bon you never knew,” he said.

“Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be – The Story Of Bon Scott” made its world premiere in Melbourne in July 2011.

Fonte: Blabbermouth.net