SONIC SYNDICATE Vocalist NATHAN J. BIGGS On Upcoming Confessions Album - “It’s Gonna Be Diverse, And It’s Gonna Be Shocking”; Video

In this new video from KaaosTV, vocalist Nathan J Biggs of Anglo-Swedish modern metal powerhouse Sonic Syndicate discusses the band’s upcoming album, Confessions, out on October 14th via Despotz Records.

Sonic Syndicate recently released the last in a series of five video blogs, in which the band members reflecting on certain aspects of the recording process as well as opening up to oneself about reality.

Vocalist Nathan J. Biggs speaks about the literal meaning of the word “confession” as well as the album title confirming that the band has reinvented themselves and how they’ve released old baggage by being honest with themselves for the purpose of moving forward.

Guitarist, Robin Sjunnesson testifies that the writing of Confessions was “very open and honest” while bassist Michel Barzen offers up, “now we know what direction we all want to go in (musically).”  

Producer Kristoffer Folin contends that “Confessions is how the band should have always sounded.  It’s as if they’ve come home.”

Check out Parts 1 – 5 of Sonic Syndicate’s video blog below.

The first single from Confessions, “Start A War”, was released digitally on September 2nd. The album artwork can be seen below.

Says the band: “On October 14th we will release our brand new album, Confessions, to the world and we can not think of a better way of doing this than celebrating with you guys, our fans non-stop! With that said, we are excited to officially release that will be hitting the road with Amaranthe across Europe in late October / November.

“As most of you already know Amaranthe has a similar relationship with their fans, and we know together this going to be one of the most heartfelt and intimate tours ever. Musically we compliment each other to the point that the whole night will be an adventure for the crowd. Opening band, Smash Into Pieces also brings their own style. This isn’t only going to be memorable, people will say this is how all tours should be.”