Grasser Production recently conducted an interview with SOILWORK vocalist Björn “Speed” Strid. You can now watch the chat below.

Asked how feels about criticism from some SOILWORK fans who think the band’s latest albums are lacking certain musical elements that the group’s early recordings had, Strid said: “I really don’t know. It sounds like SOILWORK to me. Especially the latest three albums, starting with [2013’s] ‘The Living Infinite’, I think we found a new expression through that album, but it still sounds like SOILWORK. There might be some more sort of ‘classic’ heavy metal influences on this new album, and that’s something that we also had in the beginning of the career, especially with the two first albums. And that’s something that we consciously brought back. And also with the melodies, I think that’s always been our trademark. There’s something about melodies and also the guitar work behind it, and I think that’s still there. So I’m not quite sure what is missing. [But] I respect that — if people wanna listen to the old stuff, or the mid-2000s stuff. But this is, for me, where SOILWORK is today, and this is what I wanna express. And I think that’s where it needs to start.”

Strid also talked about the flak SOILWORK has received for some of its more unusual music videos. He said: “We’ve definitely done some bad ones. But I also think it’s because we don’t wanna be too predictable, and we usually go where other bands don’t really go, and sometimes it turns out good and sometimes it doesn’t. But I think we’re also very focused on recording a music video that… It needs to be fun too. We’ve had it with warehouses with chains hanging from the ceiling and all that — we’ve done that too. I don’t know… We have some weird ideas here and there. And sometimes it turns out great and sometimes it doesn’t. So it’s always a gamble. But I kind of like that.”

SOILWORK‘s eleventh studio album, “Verkligheten”, was released on January 11 via Nuclear Blast. The first-edition digipack, as well as the vinyl versions, also contain the exclusive “Underworld” EP, containing four more songs. The digipack version also features special artwork with lavish foil print.

“Verkligheten” is SOILWORK‘s first to feature drummer Bastian Thusgaard, who replaced Dirk Verbeuren in 2016.