September 15, 2016, a minute ago

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Shredguy Records To Release CLOWNHAMMER Debut Featuring SEAN BAKER

After bombarding social media for the last six months with pictures of scary and sexy clowns, Shredguy Records is set to release the album Clownhammer on September 24th. Clownhammer is a brutal, yet melodic heavy metal album that features virtuoso guitar player Sean Baker. The album’s nine tracks(eight vocal and one instrumental) are geared to reach the larger heavy metal audience with the heavy riffing and catchy choruses . The album has been an all hands on deck project with many participants. Mixing was done by Bruce Bouillet and Matt Figurski (who also did the final mastering) and Seven Goza of the band Grindhouse utilized his talents in designing the logo and album cover. Additional production was handled by Michael McDowell (Shredguy Records) and Curtis Wray (Sumthinfierce Records).

The band is:
Sean Baker – guitars
David Donigian – bass
Clint Sabon – drums
Bill Jones – vocals
Alfredo Riojas – guitars.

Preorders are now being taken According to here.